Registration numbers stay up following the 2nd Open Doors session at MySchool

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MySchool held its 2nd Open Day on Saturday 11th June; held at its premises located in Crestatx (Sa Pobla).  The day was a great success and by the end of proceedings several families interested in enrolling their children for the forthcoming academic year (2016-17) formalised their interest and requested a personal interview with the management team of MySchool.

Throughout the day, parents, guardians and prospective students were able to enjoy guided tours led by the Mallorca International School team; during which they could see all the facilities that make up the centre as the renovation works near completion.

Participants enjoyed a selection of delicious tapas prepared by the school chef, using only fresh ingredients.

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Parents and children had a great time listening to stories during the morning. This was followed by a children’s theatre performance, played by actors aged between 10 and 15 years old, which was a resounding success.

Videos of the MySchool teachers were also projected during the morning and school uniforms were presented.

Finally, those present were reminded of the various activities Mallorca International School is organising during the summer months: 4 free ‘Creative Learning’ workshops aimed at children between 4 and 11 years, along with their parents, and also open to teachers who are interested in knowing more about the project. These workshops are intended to inform, all those who wish, about the working methodology of Mallorca International School, discovered in situ its staff, facilities, environment and the cornerstones of the project.

The MySchool team proceeded to complete the day emphasising the importance of families who opt for the centre during the first academic year and who will always have a special affection for the school. The MySchool team wishes to thank the families enrolled at MySchool and welcome them to a dream come true!

On the 11th of June, MySchool will be hosting their 2nd Open Day session

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Following the sensational 1st Open Doors Day in April at Mallorca International School, preparations are being made for the second edition which will take place on 11th June at the school site in Crestatx (Sa Pobla).

Attendees will be able to enjoy guided tours, personal interviews, videos presenting the teachers, games, storytelling and children’s theater throughout the day, which will run from 11.30am to 13.30pm on the Saturday morning.

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Further to this, during the summer MySchool will hold a total of 4 Creative Learning Workshops aimed at children between 4 and 11 years and their parents. The purpose of these sessions is to provide the opportunity elaborate on and fully understand the methodology of teaching at Mallorca International School. Participants will be able to do this in situ familiarising withstaff, facilities, the environment and the cornerstones of the project.

MySchool opens the enrollment period from Nursery to Year 6 for the 2016-2017 academic year from the 15th of May

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Mallorca International School opens the enrollment period from Nursery to Year 6 for the 2016-2017 academic year from the 15th of May. Prospective parents may choose to enroll their children for classes from Nursery through Year 6.

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First Open Day of Mallorca International School a success


A large number of families enjoyed an extraordinary welcome in Crestatx following the detailed planning of the MySchool team of staff.

Mallorca International School, the first international school in northern Mallorca, celebrated its first open day on Saturday the 23rd April.

A large group of interested parties, parents and guardians of prospective students, gathered for the event; many of which seeking education for sons and daughters of 8-10 years of age.  The school is of particular interest to parents of children this age due to the approach the school is taking with regards to non-native English speakers and their language development.  A unique opportunity is being offered during the school’s first year of entering a British School with a specific plan of raising levels of English by delivering an English as a Foreign Language programme to target groups.  This is a short-term measure available to those that need it, during the school’s first year.  Those who attended the meeting were able to see some of the most important aspects of the school first hand including the educational criteria, facilities and method of teaching and learning.


During the event a tour of the facilities was made enlightening attendees to the various elements of the MySchool project highlighting the privileged environment where the children will study from September.

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First ‘Open Doors Day’ at MySchool

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The team of professionals working on the MySchool premises has completely turned around the site in order to prepare the next ‘Open Doors Day’ to be held on the 23rd of April at C/Llorer 1, Crestatx (Sa Pobla) from 10:00h.

It will be an opportunity to become familiar some of the highlights of the center, such as the educational structure, the facilities, and the methodology of the school, etc. ‘We believe it is of great interest to parents to know the underlying principles behind our project as well as the environment in which children will study once school starts from next September.’

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Success of informative meetings results in registrations

MySchool is delighted to report the success of its meetings held on the 12th of March which resulted in a high number of enrolments, as well as registrations for its special Founders Club, on the very first day after enrolments were opened. Director and project developer Antoni Segui expressed satisfaction with the positive and immediate response from those interested in learning more about the MySchool project.

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Myschool is Online

Mallorca International School is already online and unveils its website. It is an honour for the entire management and administration team to be able to approach the venture through new technologies so that the wider society can participate in our educational project.

The MySchool website has features that will enable viewing of all the latest school news instantly. Information about the project and its values will always be present on the homepage with access to sub-sections such as “Studying Here“, “Extracurricular Activities“, “My Food,” and “My Calendar“. In each section there will be useful information for parents, teachers and students related to the center’s activities.

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How MySchool came about…


Today, while I was showing my daughter around the school, amongst all the refurbishment works, I explained that the team in charge of MySchool were those dust covered men you could see rushing from side to side, like ants carrying a weight far bigger than themselves, and how they were really like magicians because they could make people’s dreams come true…

The smile my daughter gave those men when I introduced them was the smile of a child in awe (of a team of magicians).

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