Studying here

Mallorca International School offers high quality education guaranteed by a rigorous process of external evaluation and accreditation. It is a British school with 80% of the curriculum delivered in English exclusively by qualified native British teachers. The remaining 20% of the curriculum is divided between Spanish and Catalan languages with equally accredited Spanish teachers.

The school will follow the British National Curriculum and will be recognised by both British and Spanish authorities (Council of International Schools and Conselleria d’Educació del Govern de les Illes Balears). On graduating from Mallorca International School at 18 years of age students will have direct access to the top universities worldwide, including those in Great Britain and Spain.

The school is committed to help children learn, motivate them and enhance their interests, whilst supporting them along their journey of personal development.

MySchool will adapt the curriculum in a creative way working through projects based on a wide range of different topics across all subject areas. This method has been proven to be the most effective with the most advanced teaching methods used in the best schools around the world. In this way children develop all the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding they need in order to apply to practical real life situations, thus reaching a true understanding as well as knowing how this was achieved. This methodology means that MySchool students often need to work as a team and therefore develop social abilities, tolerance and understanding of different ways of seeing or doing things as well as developing emotional intelligence and creativity.

Language skills are without a doubt an asset in any culture and at any time. We believe that it is essential for our children to be able to grow in a multicultural environment being fluent in several languages simultaneously. MySchool students have the fortune to grow up speaking English, the ‘World Language’, as well as master Castellano and Catalan languages. As the students pass through to the latter phases of their education they will be given the opportunity to pick up additional modern foreign languages.

Mathematics will be given high priority at MySchool. Every child in the Primary phase will enjoy 1-hour of Mathematics every day of the week ensuring continuity and progression. Lessons will all start with fun and lively mental starter activities to get brains working and reinforce existing skills. The latest resources, technological and classroom based, will be utilised in order to engage the children and maximise learning.

Theatre and music play an important role in an integrated education and in personal development. These subjects help the students develop self-discipline and effort, sensitivity, order, teamwork and precision. These virtues are then transferred, in the most natural way, into a wide range of other activities in the children’s lives. This supports our goal of offering a holistic education for each individual.

Children at MySchool will have the advantage of utilising an impressive array of sports facilities. It goes without saying that physical exercise is paramount to the well being of every human. In a time in which an increasing number of human activities are performed seated, it is essential to ensure that regular physical exercise becomes a natural part of life for the new generations. The school offers sports facilities by means of an indoor gym, an outdoor pool, an outdoor court, and lawned gardens all around the premises.

Following this philosophy that supports health and sport, we believe that the best complement to stay healthy is by offering our students a balanced menu composed mainly of wholesome organic products. In order to provide our children with all the nutrients to meet their physical and mental needs, our menu will be monitored by a qualified nutritional specialist (what we have called MyFood)

The number of students per class will be limited to what is required for obtaining optimal results in the learning of skills and development of every unique child. There will be a British qualified teacher tutor for every class. Assistant teachers will generally be of Spanish or Catalan origin in order to establish the multilingual policy that we wish to apply.